One quarter of the nation’s agricultural land is likely to change hands in the next decade.

We’re the only insurance and financial service organization recommended to the subscribers of the Western Farmer-Stockman Magazine.  Our select team of experienced professionals understand the unique financial concerns and special tax issues that concern agricultural families.  Through a consultative planning approach, we can help you effectively preserve the wealth you and your family have worked so hard to create while ensuring a multi-generational legacy.  Taking the time to plan now can help accomplish some of these goals:

  • Protect against the unexpected such as accidents, disability, premature death and extended long term care expenses
  • Guaranteed the safety and growth of today’s assets
  • Prepare for transfer of the ownership and management of the agricultural operation, land and other assets to the next generation
  • Minimize taxes such as income taxes, gift taxes and estate taxes
  • Reduce impact of probate
  • Ensure financial security and peace of mind for all generations


What is an Estate Plan?
An estate plan is a set of instructions for the disposition of assets owned by you at the time of your death.  For farmers and ranchers, an estate plan can help ensure a smooth transition of farm or ranch ownership. It can provide for the needs of all family members, even those who leave the operation. The plan can help reduce high inheritance taxes on land made more valuable by inflation and non-farm development pressure. And proper estate planning can address settlement problems that arise because land is not a liquid asset.

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